Autumn in the Netherlands

I love autumn.

The very warm colours. Yellow, orange, red and brown are strewn about everywhere. Especially in my garden where we are practically wading in leaves. But it is so lovely that you can almost forget about the back breaking work required to keep the leaves at bay. And soon it will all be over as we welcome yet another season. But I am not quite ready for autumn to be done. No, not quite. Even though I’ve had a few lovely family sessions this autumn, I am looking forward to a few more before the winter comes.

Today I’m sharing a few photos of my daughter during a recent walk in the woods┬ánear Utrecht just before sunset. The light is pretty special and these days you have to really rush to catch the last ray of light before it is dark.

Here’s to enjoying a few more weeks of leaves falling on our heads!

Autumn family photography

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