Family Photography Sessions

Family is the most important thing in the world”   -Diana, Princess of Wales

This is something I believe in deeply. My family is everything to me and being there in photos for my kids to see is very important. This is why I love family sessions. You get a chance to be in front of the lens with your whole family, instead of being the one behind the camera. Your kids will get to have wonderful memories for years to come every time they look at your family photos.

Autumn is my favourite time for family sessions. It is just so lovely outside as the leaves change colour. But trust me, there is no reason to wait with booking a session! All seasons have their charm, contact me to discuss the options.

Where will the session take place?  most sessions take place in the woods in the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. There are many options and together we shall work out where best to have your session.

What time will the session take place? early morning or early evening is best in terms of the light outside. This depends very much on the time of year as well as your own family preferences.

What should we wear? Follow this link for a few tips on what to wear.

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