What to Wear

Coordination, not matching, will help your image look cohesive and modern.

Instead of wearing all white t-shirts and jeans, try mixing colour, patterns and textures that have the same tone or work together

Layering provides interest and personality.

Try using colourful cardigans to brighten up a pretty dress, cute socks or interesting scarves or wraps.

Avoid logos.

They date images and can draw the eye immediately.

Colours and patterns are great to include.

Pastels and modern patterns (polka dots, stripes, etc.) can add a little whimsy to images.

Black should be avoided as it tends to absorb shadows. Instead opt for a soft charcoal or navy blue.

Pinks, blues, greens and white always look beautiful in photographs if you need a starting point.

Comfort is key.

Kids who are not comfortable will let us know and usually in the form of frustration during the shoot.

Have kids try their on new clothes before the shoot and if they cannot stand something, do not make them wear it.

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